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Recent news & additions

December 24, 2007: I've been ecstatically happy as an employee of Intuit for nearly 2 years now, and looking forward to many, many more wonderful years there. Recruiters: I am not interested in positions elsewhere.

January 20 , 2005: Updated/reformatted resume available, viewable as a Web page, as an Adobe Acrobat file, and in plain text format.

November 17, 2004: Registration is now open for the 13th Annual WritersUA (WinWriters) Software User Assistance Conference, March 20-23 in Las Vegas. I'll be there, camera in hand, and I may get to be a speaker again. The special rate for the conference hotel is just $69/night! Register here.

September 17, 2004: New item in the Store. (Caution: politics ahead.)

August 30-31, 2004: When the WinWriters/WritersUA conference took a summertime trip east to Boston, I went with it.

I've jumped on the blog bandwagon. Started through the free site blogger.com and written with the relatively easy-to-use Windows software w.bloggar.

Update: Rio Nitrus vs. iPod mini

Review: Rio Nitrus

I spoke at the 2004 WritersUA Conference. on the topic of Online Communities That Work for Technical Communicators.

Error messages, not only the bane of user friendliness, but sometimes you just wonder what people were thinking when writing them. Or maybe they were just being silly that day. Take this message, from dice.com, when I finished "updating" my resume text (actually when I discovered that the resume text needed no revisions and I was finished):

There was an internal error, please try this operation again later.
errno: 3
errmsg: profile thingy not found.

"Thingy," another new web technology to learn? :)

Interesting Quotes page

Find weapons of mass destruction. Or not. At the risk of getting political, there's a really cool page that has shot up to the top of a Google search. The story is here. Here's what you do:

  1. On Google, type "weapons of mass destruction" (without the quotes) in the search box.
  2. Click I'm Feeling Lucky.
  3. Read carefully. Very carefully.

Or, if you want to skip all that, here's the direct link.

Article: New direction for Microsoft Help technology (goes to outside site, opens new window).

Summary of the 11th WinWriters Conference, Feb 16-19 and longer report (goes to outside site, opens new window).

Review: TurboTax for the Web 2003

Review: Kensington PocketMouse Pro


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